What is a CPC?



The Conveyancers WA Division (AICWA)promotes the view that members should complete more than the Compulsory Professional Development(CPD) requirements, set down by the Department of Commerce and that continuing education is of the utmost importance for maintaining and enhancing the skill and expertise that is needed to remain abreast of the ever changing nature of the Conveyancing Profession.
AICWA has initiated a programme to differentiate between those providing the highest levels of service and knowledge to their clients. Those attaining this level are recognised as Certified PractisingConveyancers. 
A CPC is a 'Certified PractisingConveyancer' and to become a CPC, a Settlement Agent must have completed the educational and practical training requirements to hold certification and must also be a member of AICWA.
To maintain certification they must also complete the annual continuing education requirements. CPC’s must also abide by a strict set of rules designed to ensure the highest levels of professional and ethical Conveyancing standards.

Certified PractisingConveyancer - “Make Them Your Best Friend”

First and foremost you should contact your Certified Practising Conveyancer, who will be:
  • A Member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA Division Inc.
  • Licensed under the Settlement Agents Act 1981
  • Have at least 5 years experience as a practising Conveyancer
  • Be accredited as a Certified Practising Conveyancer by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA Division Inc.
Your Certified Practising Conveyancer is one of the very few property professionals who you actually engage to act entirely for you and that is very reassuring when seeking advice and requiring a professional to recommend other professionals or to scrutinise conditions on a contract or indeed the full contract.
Your Certified Practising Conveyancer can with your knowledge and approval, act for both parties to a contract but only under strict conditions and with full disclosure to you, the client.
Your Certified Practising Conveyancer can on your invitation recommend other professionals within the Real Estate industry to you that you may require as well as provide information on, affordability issues, concessions, building inspections, insurance, deposit guarantees and other services available to you the property buyer.