Landgate is Western Australia’s primary source of land information and geographic data, providing the accuracy Government, business and individuals rely on.

Landgate provides Western Australians with easy access to location information including:

As a Statutory Authority, Landgate maintains the State’s official register of land ownership and survey information and is responsible for valuing the State's land and property for government interest.

Landgate is at the cutting edge of location information technology. In 2008 we launched the Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) Enabler, an application that has revolutionised the way spatial information is used and shared.

The SLIP Enabler facilitates the sharing of spatial information across government and business to provide the community with easier access to data. It provides the infrastructure and services required to access Western Australia's considerable land and geographic information resources.

At Landgate we recognise that making the right decisions requires location knowledge. We provide location information for optimal decision making in government, business and the community.