Through its secure land titles system, Landgate is the custodian of property rights for the people of Western Australia.

This responsibility – along with its stewardship role in delivering land valuation services and managing Western Australia’s location information – is fundamental to the state’s economic growth and prosperity.

Landgate’s innovative New Land Registry system has been developed to support the lodgement of electronic documents into the titles register by allowing land registry transactions to be processed more quickly and securely.

Through this new system, Landgate can examine and register land registry documents electronically, meaning certain property transactions that once took up to seven days to process can now be completed in less than 30 seconds and the number of documents awaiting registration has halved.

Landgate is committed to a fully electronic marketplace for property transactions, and is working towards having all land transfer documents able to be lodged electronically.

Innovation is central to Landgate’s operations. Under SPUR, its location and innovation hub, Landgate has collaborated with a number of start-up operations to accelerate the take-up of new ideas across industry, government and academia to drive greater benefits to the state.