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Landgate for Sale?

Landgate for Sale?

Government scoping study to investigate Landgate options

“The McGowan Government will start formally investigating the viability of commercialising some or all of the operations of Western Australia's land information authority, Landgate.”

As a result of the announcement the AICWA will be consulting with our membership as part of our annual survey to determine the level of support for the commercialisation of Landgate operations.

The decision by the Government brings into serious question the commercial motives of the recent regulations by the Lands Minister to require eligible land registry documents to be lodged electronically by May 1st 2018 and whether the decision has been made in the public’s interest. The premature decision to mandate and now the likelihood of privatisation of Landgate only serves to confirm why the concerns of the AICWA have been largely ignored to date.  

The Media Statement can be viewed in its entirety HERE     



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