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Call To Action

The AICWA would like to call on its membership and industry colleagues to join us in our action in writing to Landgate and the Minister for Lands to voice our collective disappointment regarding Landgate Customer Information Bulletin (CIB) 308 HERE.

CIB 308 notifying of price increases failed to acknowledge the repeated requests from the AICWA, its members and the conveyancing industry of the need to set a separate fee for registering land transfer documents electronically.

A price differential should favour the electronic lodgement method and therefore, encourage both consumers and conveyancers, where applicable, to opt for the cheaper option. Instead by ignoring this simple and effective method there is little encouragement for the use of e-conveyancing.

AICWA questions the validity of applying a manual cost for registering a transfer electronically and believes that the lack of rationale and proper analysis is unjustifiable.

Should you wish to write/email Landgate or the Minister please email for a copy of our letter templates.



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