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AICWA Council Announcement

Opposition to the requirements for electronic lodgement of eligible documents

Following the Registrar’s “requirement” that all eligible land registry documents be lodged electronically council has undertaken extensive consultation with our members and with stakeholders affected by the decision. As a result of that consultation the AICWA Council will take immediate action to oppose the “requirement”.

The AICWA supports electronic conveyancing and will continue to provide substantial resources in assisting the ongoing development and implementation of a process we believe is a natural evolution of how land registry documentation are to be lodged and registered.

However, it is our collective belief that mandating is an unwelcomed impost for WA consumers and for the conveyancing profession.

Starting this week we will publicly and through meetings with key decision-makers be outlining our opposition to mandating.

The key issues we will be raising are that mandating:

  • Results in increased costs to consumers
  • Supports a single Electronic Lodgment Network Operator (ELNO) becoming a monopoly therefore, denying consumers their right to choose between suppliers
  • Will result in significant job losses
  • Fails to deliver the efficiencies as promised


As a result of Customer Information Bulletin No. 289 detailing the dates for mandating electronic lodgement, the AICWA again reviewed its concern, sought legal opinion, surveyed members, met with key industry stakeholders and reviewed responses it had received from the Registrar in reply to submissions 1, 2 & 3.

The conclusion of this exhaustive and comprehensive review is that AICWA has determined its position in as far as “The AICWA supports electronic conveyancing however is unequivocally opposed to mandating”.              



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