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2017 AICWA State Conference & Gala Ball

The AICWA Annual State Conference attracts Licensed Settlement Agents and Conveyancers from across Western Australia.

The Conference has become the single largest event of its kind in Western Australia offering a wonderful opportunity for you to interact with delegates and exhibitors.

This year we are proud to be hosting the Conference and the Gala Ball at the Perth Convention Centre.

Event program HERE

Fun Friday

The AICWA State Conference will officially commence on Friday August the 25th with a series of mini events throughout the Perth CBD hosted by various Sponsors and conference Exhibitors. Invitations and opportunities to register to attend the various FREE events will be communicated in the coming weeks. Events are organised as opportunities to network with Sponsors/Exhibitors in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. These will be the hottest tickets in town and best of all they will be FREE. 

Event sponsorship prospectus is being sent to various organisations who we know will jump at the chance to be part of this very unique opportunity.

AICWA is currently canvasing Sponsors and Exhibitors to host the following:

  • Wine and Cheese Appreciation
  • High Tea
  • Cooking class
  • Cocktail masterclass
  • Tapas lunch
  • And more……..

Friday Sundowner

To celebrate the launch of the conference on Friday the 25th a Sponsor/Exhibitor Sundowner will be held in the Perth CBD between 4pm and 6pm. Conveniently located this perfect inner city venue will be a wonderful way to celebrate the opening of the 2017 AICWA State Conference. Registration’s will be limited to 100 guests ONLY. Details of how to register will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Saturday August 26th 

On Saturday the 26th we bring you yet another first by providing two professional development opportunities to be conducted in two separate rooms. Delegates will have the option of registering for either Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) or Electronic Conveyancing Accreditation (ECA) workshops.

Room 1

Room 1 (the main conference room) will deliver a mix of guest speakers and Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) sessions that will qualify you for your 6 CPD points.

Room 2

Room 2 will host the Electronic Conveyancing Accreditation training workshops. As an added bonus delegates who register for ECA workshops will learn about Setts+ integration with PEXA as well as have the opportunity to ask questions from an expert panel of conveyancing colleagues on their experiences in using PEXA.

Please note places are limited, be sure to register early to avoid disappointment.


This year it is all about affordability and fun.

Conference attendance Only:  $50 (per person)

Price includes attendance to either Room 1 or 2, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Places are limited for Room 2 so book today to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Conference and Ball:  $200 (per person)

Price includes attendance to either Room 1 or 2, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well as all the fun of the Ball.  Places are limited for Room 2 so book today to avoid the disappointment of missing out. 

Ball Only: 

  • $159.00 (member price)
  • $169.00 (non-member price)
  • 10 or more $149.00 (per person)

Payment plan option:  Pay in two (2) instalments of $100 (applies only to the Conference and Gala Ball)

Register HERE (link to Registration FORM)

Conference FAQ’s

Q. Can I register my staff to attend the Conference for $50?

A. Yes

Q. Can I register my staff to attend CPD even though they are not licensed settlement agents?

A. Yes. They can attend either Room 1 or Room 2. If they attend CPD training in Room 1 we will even give them a certificate of completion. If they attend ECA Workshop they will be accredited for attendance. 

Q. And registration only costs $50 per person?

A. Yes.

Q. Wait a second, are you telling me I can register myself or my staff for $50 to attend ECA workshops at the Conference?

A. Yes.

Q. Hold on buddy, do you mean to tell me that the normal price of $150 for ECA workshops for staff and non-members won’t apply to the Conference 

A. Yes. We’re offering a very limited, super exclusive discounted price for the Conference.

Q. Can I attend for half the day?

A. Yes, but you will only receive 6 CPD points if you attend the whole day and you may only receive 2 CPD points if you only attend 1 CPD session

Q. I have completed my CPD points for this year why should I register?

A. Why not register for the ECA workshop? Alternatively, how would you like to spend 15-30 minutes with many of our Exhibitors receiving one-one-one training? We are currently looking into this option so stay tuned for more.   

Q. Why is the Conference so cheap and affordable?

A. We are channelling the financial support of Exhibitors and Sponsors back to where in counts, back to our members and industry colleagues.

Q. Will I have fun?

A. Damn straight!         

Why is the AICWA State Conference and Gall Ball important to you?

The conveyancing profession is not always united on every issue but collectively we can all appreciate that our unity is what allows us to have a voice that is heard and respected.  

By supporting the AICWA your intern support the sustainability of your profession and ensure your voice and the voice of your industry colleagues is heard and represented. AICWA invites key stakeholder groups to attend the Conference and Ball as an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate our strength and unity.  

AICWA could not provide services to Members as an industry advocate without the considerable monetary support of its sponsors and more importantly its Members. Exposure at the Conference and the Ball is seen as a commercial benefit by our sponsor’s. Attendance is therefore critical to ensuring the ongoing viability of the AICWA and its ability to effectively represent the profession. The 2017 AICWA State Conference and Gala Ball is not just for members it’s for all conveyancing professionals throughout Western Australia   

Register today and demonstrate your support for the AICWA and your support for the conveyancing profession.  

Register HERE

Gala Ball FAQ’s

Q. What should I wear?

A. Cocktail dress, formal wear, suit and tie. Look fabulous as we know you can.

Q. Are there lots of speeches and prize draws?

A. No, we have cut back the speeches and prize draws to they run a lot more smoothly, meaning you will have more time to party and have FUN.

Q. Will I have fun?

A. You betcha



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