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Gain Access to AICWA's online system when the business you work for has a Corporate Membership or is an Affiliate Member.  Apply here and the business administrator will approve your login.

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Common Questions & Answers

Full Membership is open to any person not being a Solicitor or Legal Practitioner who is and remains the holder of a Real Estate Settlement Agents License or a Business Settlement Agents License in accordance with the Settlement Agents Act 1981, or is licensed and remains so licensed.

Purchase this membership if you are an individual conveyancer with a Licence number or if you own a conveyancing business and will want to add a corporate membership later.  The Individual must have the Conveyancing Licence.

An Affiliate Member is any individual who is interested in the affairs of AICWA, who is not the holder of a Real Estate Settlement Agents License or a Business Settlement Agents License. An affiliate member has full rights except voting rights.

A Student Member is a person who is undertaking a course of study, the satisfactory completion of which may allow such person to have attained the educational qualification to become a Licensed Settlement Agent or Licensed Business Settlement Agent.

Once you are no longer a student you will be required to upgrade to a Full Member to continue access to the system.

AICWA allows certain privileges to people for Free, who have signed up to become a Webfriend.  They will be able to access certain parts of the system, such as some news articles, resources or Q & A expert advice.  You will need to provide certain personal information such as your email, name and address to gain access to the website.

Staff of Full Members are allowed to have access to the resources, expert Q & A's as well as industry news as long as a Corporate Membership has been purchased.

The staff member will need to be approved by their Business Administrator prior to being given access to the membership portion of the system.

Affiliate Members are not eligible for Corporate Membership.

If you are a Full Member of AICWA and have staff that work for you whom you require to have access to the same system you do , there is a $215.00 annual fee for that access.  The number of staff is not limited, however you will have to approve your staff from your own login so that they can gain access. 

Have your staff apply for access through the 'Business Staff Member' and nominate your business as the one they want to be linked to.

You will receive an email so you're aware when this happens.  Login to your Member Portal and go to Business details - this will show you who is already linked to your business and another menu tab for who is waiting for approval.  If they are not your staff - do not approve them.

If a staff member leaves, contact AICWA to remove them from your business so they no longer have access.

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