General Conveyancing Information

Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA Division - AICWA

Is the peak body representing specialist Conveyancers in Western Australia. The Institute has set goals for the advancement of the profession of conveyancing in WA and is committed to best practice.
The WA Division is a member of the National body being the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, with affiliations with the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers.
Conveyancers specialise in property and have specific training and skills in all areas relating to the sale and purchase of real estate and related transactions. Conveyancers are licensed professionals providing a specialist service to those who partake in real estate transactions.
Consumers have a choice in the delivery of conveyancing services and can reap the benefits by choosing specialist Conveyancers.


  • To foster, promote, educate and advance the  profession of conveyancing in WA


  • Promote uniform education and ethical standards within the profession in WA
  • Advance the professionalism of conveyancers in WA
  • Represent the interests of the conveyancing profession and the public in legislative reform.

To ensure best practice, ethical standards and appropriate service standards for the conveyancing profession, the Institute obliges members to adhere to a Code of Conduct.

The institute also works very closely with Landgate, Office of State Revenue and the Department of Commerce (Consumer Protection) where required to ensure benefits for the Conveyancing Profession and the consumers who avail themselves of such services.

What is Conveyancing?

A Settlement Agent or Conveyancer is a professional who facilitates the transfer of property. They must be qualified to do conveyancing work and are required to be licensed under the Settlement Agents Act 1981. They must also hold professional indemnity insurance and participate in a continuing Compulsory Professional Development Program.

How do I choose a settlement agent?

We recommend you use a member of AICWA when choosing a conveyancer as
  • Members must abide by the Code of Conduct of AICWA
  • They must complete the annual education requirements to renew a settlements agents licence annually
  • Members  must meet high educational and practical training requirements
  • Members are provided with up to date information and the support required to act competently and professionally in one of the strictest disciplines of law – Conveyancing
YOU CHOOSE your Conveyancer as you would choose your accountant, banker, doctor and any other professional that you require to look after YOUR particular needs.

Why nominate a member of AICWA?

All AICWA members have the support and backing of the peak professional body representing the conveyancing profession in WA – Australian Institute of Conveyancing WA division.
You have the advantage of a professional service and expertise always offered to you by your AICWA member.

What Does My AICWA member do for me?

When selling a property

  • We can review your contract, including obtaining a title search and enquiring with the various utilities including local council, Water Corporation, the Office of State Revenue and others.
  • Liaise with your bank and arrange for the preparation of your discharge of mortgage if necessary
  • Liaise and arrange the necessary preparation of documents and other paperwork in readiness for your settlement
  • Attend settlement for you and arrange the disbursement of settlement proceeds as per your individual instructions.

If you are buying a property

  • Check your contract and also assist prior to the contract being finalised as to special conditions on your contract
  • Check the title by conducting a Title Search
  • Liaise and arrange the necessary preparation of documents and other paperwork in readiness for your settlement
  • Attend to the necessary enquiries with local council, Water Corporation and other government departments where necessary to ensure there are no restrictions or encumbrances that may affect your purchase.
  • Liaise with your nominated lending institution in readiness for your settlement.
  • Arrange and attend settlement, including payment of the funds as required to satisfy the settlement of your purchase.
  • Attend to the payment of Duty on your contract as required.
  • Follow up and ensure you obtain title to the property free of any impediments other than those noted at the time of your purchase.
To ensure that you have no unexpected problems and you can enjoy the transition into home ownership or the experience of your latest sale or purchase, select your chosen professional early in the transaction, so your AICWA member can assist and
guide you through out the process.
The AICWA recommends that you appoint your Conveyancing Professional before you begin to look at real estate or sign a contract; an AICWA member can provide hints and tips to ensure that the process of settlement is as smooth as possible for you.